Waterfront ferry on Danube river time lapse

on duminică, 4 septembrie 2011

         This video was shot in Galati city in Romania. It is a 33 seconds video made from 10 or 15 minutes long video,I don't remember, in july 2010. The HD camera Sony CX105 was on my table while I enjoyed my coffee.At the end of the video you wull see the ferry departing from the shore.

         I was born not too far from Galati city,and I use to go there to see the beautiful Danube river. For those who don't know Romania and this city, I hope you like this time lapse video.
The video is edited in Sony Vegas 9 and  added to it a 5 level (from 100) contrast.

Name: Waterfront ferry
Video by: Victor Lupu
Location: Romania, Baia mare
Date: 2010.July
Filming location: Galati city,Romania
Camera: HDR Sony CX105
Resolution: 1920x1080
Editing: Sony Vegas 10

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